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Genuine Leather Journal- Shield Maiden

Genuine Leather Journal- Shield Maiden

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Genuine Leather Journal

Laser engraved image

Refillable with A5 journal inserts

Leather wears beautifully and develops patina and character over time

Shield Maidens are female Viking warriors. They are regularly mentioned in Nordic sagas and in old Norse they are called skjoldmøer. Men and women were many times equal in the Viking culture. Women could own land and were often captains in battle. Shield Maidens with battle weapons have been found in graves alongside male Viking warriors. In one grave (Birka, Sweden) a Shield Maiden was found and based on her weapons and other artifacts, she was a high ranking Viking warrior and would have led armies in battles. Women who embrace love, freedom, strength, bravery and honesty are today’s Shield Maidens.

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