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Ring - Thor's Hammer (Mjølnir)

Ring - Thor's Hammer (Mjølnir)

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Ring - Thor's Hammer (Mjølnir)
100% Stainless steel

Thor is probably the most known god in Norse mythology.  He is the son of Odin and his wife Frigg (means the beloved).  Odin is the main male god, and Frigg is the main female goddess.  She is also the goddess of the Earth.  Thor is the god of thunder and war.  In the Viking age (as well as today) Thor was invoked at weddings, at births and at special ceremonies for his abilities to bless, make whole and protect. 

Thor’s Hammer, also called Mjølner in old Norse language, is depicted in Norse mythology as the most powerful weapon in existence.  Vikings identified the hammer with Thor’s love of freedom and justice, strength, bravery and honesty.  Whoever possesses the symbol of Thor’s hammer also embraces and protects those same values.

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