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Cutting Board - Pine - 14 X 9.5 - Scandinavian Folk Art - Raven

Cutting Board - Pine - 14 X 9.5 - Scandinavian Folk Art - Raven

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Cutting/Charcuterie Board
14 X 9.5
Scandinavian Folk Art Sublimation Print

Our standard is that you will love your handmade charcuterie board with Scandinavian folk art.  It is crafted to last for generations.  It is made of all solid wood with no stabilizing filler such as plywood or particle board.  No two charcuterie boards are ever alike.  Knots, cracks and dents are incorporated into the design and are not covered up.

Scandinavian folk art has a long history, dating way back to the Viking Age. It is influenced by traditional Nordic designs and mythologies.
Folk art was primarily made by rural craftsmen, who created functional and decorative objects for everyday use. This included furniture, textiles, ceramics, wooden toys, household items, and of course charcuterie boards.  The designs were painted with watercolors and milk paint.  Folk art would depict animals, flowers, houses, furniture and folklore.

In Norse mythology the raven holds a special place.  The god Odin has two ravens, Huginn and Muninn.  These two birds fly around the world gathering information and bring it back to Odin.  Good and reliable information is important for Odin, so he can make wise decisions and judge justly.

The raven has become a symbol of good judgment and wise decision making and brings good omen.

Folk art still flourishes in Scandinavia and is practiced by traditional folk artists. To this day Scandinavian folk art is a significant part of its culture.

When you can, have candles and fresh flowers on your table.

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