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Bracelet - Celtic Knot & Celtic Spiral

Bracelet - Celtic Knot & Celtic Spiral

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Bracelet - Celtic Knot & Celtic Spiral - 8 inch X 3/8 inch
Stainless steel 

The Celtic Knot comes in numerous variations.  The knot is made from one string with many loops and has no beginning or ending.  This represents love, and how life and relationships can be complex.  Since the knot follows a specific pattern, it also means that just because life can be complex, it is not without order.  The knot furthermore represents loyalty, faith, and friendship.

The Celtic Spiral has many meanings in Celtic and Norse culture.  It symbolizes the sun, and from the sun we get life, light and truth.  Every sunrise proclaims a new beginning.  It is one of the oldest symbols in Norse mythology going back over 1,200 years.  Its beauty is found in its simplicity.
Three spirals together represent the three upper realms in Norse mythology.  One of those realms is called Asgard, and it is here you find famous Valhalla where Thor, the god of thunder, dwells.
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