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Band - Runes

Band - Runes

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Band - Runes
100% Stainless steel

The runes go back over 1,500 years and were used by the Vikings to communicate on many levels.  History and genealogy were written in runes, but they also had spiritual meaning and significance.  The runes are found on numerous gravestones, swords, and other artifacts throughout Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden).

Each rune often has more than one meaning or symbolism.  For example, the letter z (algiz). This rune gives divine protection, courage, and the energy of the Valkyries.  It works like an invisible shield.

Another example is the letter b (berkana).  It is a symbol for birth, fertility, growth, fresh starts and redemption. 

The free-spirited Vikings did not always follow the traditional interpretation of the runes and often assigned their own spiritual meaning. 

Because the Vikings often assigned their own interpretation and symbolism to a letter, many of the inscriptions on weapons, jewelry and even combs are of unknown meaning. 

Feel free to assign your own meaning to a rune letter, just like the Vikings of old did.

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